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Medical Advice: Patient- Physician Relationship

Patients seek Medical Advice from physicians. As physicians, it is expected that a high level of knowledge and clinical skills is demonstrated in his profession. What if the physician provided an incorrect Medical Advice which results to injury? What are the responsibilities of Physician in the context of work-related and independent medical examination?

Industry Employed Physicians (IEPs) are physicians who work for business or insurance firms and Independent Medical Examiners (IMEs) are independent contractors who provide medical examination. Both IEPs and IMEs carry the same responsibilities like other physicians. The American Medical Association (AMA) website provides information on the duties of IEPs and IMEs.

• Evaluate objectively the patient’s health or disability.
- The IEPs and IMEs diagnosis should be objective like in making decision and diagnosis in a work-related or independent medical examination.

• Maintain patient confidentiality as outlined by Opinion 5.09, Industry Employed Physicians and Independent Medical Examiners.
- The above-mentioned Opinion 5.09 tackles on the confidentiality of the patient’s medical records. Physicians should not reveal the results of the examinations

• Disclose fully potential or perceived conflicts of interest.
- It is the responsibility of the physician to inform the patient about the details of the agreement before starting to administer any examination.

The IEPs and IMEs should administer an objective medical evaluation. It is necessary that physicians discuss any health information or even abnormalities encountered while undergoing an examination. Aside from that, physicians should clearly discuss any problems or diagnosis to the patient. It is also the duty of the physician to recommend the patient to physician who specialises on a particular disease.

The AMA also presents the obligations of physician to their potential patients. Details of Opinion 10.05 Potential Patients includes:

• Physicians must keep their professional obligations to provide care to patients in accord with their prerogative to choose whether to enter into a patient-physician relationship.
- Physicians owe a duty to take care of the patient’s health.

• The following instances identify the limits on physician’s prerogative:

a. Physicians should respond to the best of their ability in cases of medical emergency.
- Physicians are obliged to respond to any cases of emergency and apply first aid treatment when needed.

b. Patients cannot refuse to care for patients based on race, gender, sexual orientation or any other criteria that would constitute invidious discrimination.
- Patients deserved to receive treatment regardless of any race or gender.

c. Physicians may not refuse to care for patients when operating under a contractual arrangement that requires them to treat.
- It is the primary role of the physicians to take care of their patients and should never refuse to do his obligation.

Medical practitioners are expected to provide medical advice with sound judgment. This will help them from being involved in medical negligence cases.


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